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Field of Wedding Dreams

Yesterday found me in the middle of a cow pasture playing for a wedding ceremony. I got a bit choked up as the bride made her entrance; fortunately, her bridal entry music was unleashed from under my fingers as she processed.

When playing at weddings, I find myself in a place where I do not know the guests or wedding party, but, as a result of ongoing communications with the bride, I have the distinct privilege of getting to know a bit about her tastes and vision, as her wedding musician.

Playing for an outdoor wedding ceremony was an amazing experience. I found myself wishing I could stay out there and serenade the stars!

As I made my way home, I was thinking that, since I had found myself truly playing preludes for a while outdoors, I ought to pack more sunscreen for any future outdoor wedding!

Gearing Up · Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor Weddings and Piano Dreams

As I prepare to play for a wedding being held out in the countryside, let me say that the possibilities are sky-high for a piano or piano/keyboard to help create an ultra-romantic and poetic atmosphere at an outdoor wedding! I am mesmerized by the bride’s choice to have her wedding in a grand, idyllic cow pasture where I will be playing close to nature!

Wedding music is just the kind of beautiful and emotional music that the piano was created to play, and this is all the more enhanced by the romance of nature as a backdrop in a wedding. As a lyrical player, I aim to play in a fluid, nuanced, organic way that is very distinct from what a DJ would play.

Although it’s exciting to imagine a true acoustic piano in the countryside, the reality is that a portable piano/keyboard comes in handy at a venue with no piano. Some logistics surrounding my playing for outdoor weddings relates to making sure that there is a place to which I can connect my portable keyboard and amplifier and that there’s a contingency plan in case of rain for my equipment.

I feel like a wild dream that I’ve had of playing piano out in the countryside is coming true in this amazing way at this wedding.

Photo by Isabel Marcheselli

Gearing Up · Preparation

Last Minute Wedding Music Checks

As I gear up for weddings, if I have to bring my portable keyboard, I am checking that the venue where I will be playing has electrical outlets near the ceremony space to accommodate my keyboard and amplifier. I also check into what will be done in case of rain, if it’s an outdoor wedding.

As the wedding day gets really close, I love reaching out to wedding coordinators to make extra sure things go smoothly on all ends including parking. And I am always incredibly grateful for the ways in which they help me haul my gear into the venue, considering that I’m a petite lady and it’s a lot to carry, lol!


Rehearsing for the Big Day

Hello, blog readers! Today finds me working hard at the piano/keyboard practicing a mix of music for a wedding ceremony coming up this weekend on the other side of this beautiful state of Massachusetts. It’s going to be an amazing, outdoor wedding to an autumnal backdrop.

It has been such a pleasure to work with the bride to select music for her special day. Every bride has her own life’s musical themes, and music for this wedding will include romantic songs by Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and music from Japanese anime films. Some of the sheet music for this wedding has been hard to obtain and purchase, and so I am playing it by ear. Since the venue does not have a piano, I will be providing my own keyboard.

Overcoming some initial obstacles in communication (her cell phone technical problems), she and I are now in regular touch as we review last-minute details in preparation for her wedding day. I love it when the communication is going well in the planning, it really helps me do my job optimally!